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the b atomic mission

b atomic is a collective, a group of agents and carriers, taking back the connectivity they once gave away to tech vendors in a moment... of stupidity!

their technology separates us from each other, weakens our partnerships, robs us of scale, frustrates our customers and now... it owns us.

no more. atomic energy builds trusts, favors the accountable and rewards the customer this time... we own it.

the solution

So, we're building our own platform.

When we allow a machine to do in seconds what it takes our people hours to process, we take back margin and free up our team to do what they do best: build relationships!

Now imagine every marketing, sales, customer experience, and operational data point in one technology. Think 20/20 business vision on every customer, team member, and carrier.

A platform build for the modern indie agency

problem #2

We're being data-muled.

Remember that data is not just an asset, it is power through understanding. When you pay tech vendors, you give them more than just access to the gold in your backyard... you give them power.

That power will drive the next iteration of the indie channel and you should have a seat at the table... not your tech vendor.

Tech Vendors

the solution

So, we're aggregating it ourselves.

Owning your data is only half the battle. No one agency has enough data to be of any value to the collective.

When we do it together, building insights and engines we could not on our own... when we maintain our ownership... and when we are compensated for its value... it can be truly said, our data is worth more together, than it is alone.

neon brain power

problem #3

Our sluggish carrier connection is limited.

Everywhere you look in the data economy you see the nature of conversation elevating. There is no question that shared access and visibility into performance data is creating the most accountable and trusting partnerships.

No longer can partners focus on legacy metrics or single data points only visible to one side of the other as a way of measuring success.

Transparent data

the solution

So, we're building a fully connected ecosystem.

Agents and carriers are partners. No longer can we be disconnected or misinformed by each other. No longer can technology be a barrier to our ability to be world-class for our customers.

True partnerships means real-time communication about products, marketing, sales, customer experience and claims. Not even just for us agents and carriers... but for our customers... hello partnership!

neon brain power

they had their chance. now it's ours.
the age of indietech is here.

Join us!
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