the person you don’t have, but need

4 years ago, agencies across the country said they would never hire a “digital marketer.” I’m guessing you’ll listen to this episode and say the same thing about this person….this new role you don’t think you’ll need. I’ll take the same 4 year bet.

Get the latest on indie agents’ fight for data ownership:

Who is Allie Vaughan?

Allie lives in the hotbed of insurtech innovation: Ohio. Kicked off her career in the claims department of a well-known insurance carrier. Left to help bring her family’s chain of hair salons into the digital age. But couldn’t stay away. Now, she’s back in the insurance world, working on the neon pilot project with Camargo Insurance.

Her favorite quote: “If it’s not broken, don’t fix it…unless it needs fixing, then by all means tear it down and make something awesome.”

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