the future of fully integrated insurance marketing

The #1 issue most insurance marketers face today: a disconnected marketing system. They spend so much time being data janitors, their creative time is crushed. But the holy grail of insurance marketing…a fully integrated system…isn’t without its challenges too. Listen as Kari Colman, a neon marketer, explains why.

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Who is Kari Colman?

Kari Colman is a pharmacist turned insurance marketer…..turned insurance operations manager. Her days are filled with telling the Hitchings Story to Findlay business owners, keeping the office crew working together like a well-oiled machine…..oh, and making sure her youngest doesn’t pull everything out of her cabinets…again. What can’t she do. She has quickly become a leader in our neon marketing group and never stops pushing the envelope. Don’t sleep on Kari Colman!

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