the age of indietech

Jason Cass, agency owner since 2002 and host of the leading insurance agent podcast named Agency Intelligence, joins us for a deep dive on the tech landscape for indie agents….and why so many have taken matters into their own hands.

Get the latest on indie agents’ fight for data ownership:

Who is Jason Cass?

►I own an insurance agency in Centralia a small town located in Southern Illinois –

●We help businesses of 30 employees or less with their insurance needs
●We help people of Southern Illinois with their auto, home insurance as well as their toys
●We offer one on one in person meetings or we provide tools for you to do it yourself including online quoting

►I own Insurance Agency Intelligence-

●We help independent insurance agents with the knowledge and tools to create relationships and generate revenue

►Host of Agents Influence –

●Agents Influence (AI) is an online site that allows insurance professionals to have their voice heard on a national platform.
●It is a natural force ( your voice ) used to obtain a specific purpose (moving forward the insurance industry) by giving a voice to those who have no voice (national and worldwide platform )
●AI is a video, pod-casting blog

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