tech is not an expense. it’s an investment. here’s why.

“We’re running our agencies wrong,” explains David Carothers. “Technology should be seen as a 24/7 cross-functional player in your agency that makes each and every one of you more capable every day. But most just see it as an expense.” Honestly, he said it better than I could. 

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Who is David Carothers?

David Carothers simply doesn’t stop. He went from retail into insurance with a bang. After only a few years, he was recognized as a top producer at Baldwin Krystyn Sherman Partners. From there, he broke out on his own to compete through Florida Risk Partners. But he didn’t stop there. Within a few short years, he’s made an industry name for himself through Killing Commercial, a rigorous commercial lines sales course, and The Power Producer’s Podcast, listened to by thousands of agents each month. Honestly, I’m out of breath just typing all that.

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