Podcast Episode Season 6

(Updated for 2020 and beyond)

SEO for insurance agents can be one of the most perplexing practices to understand.

Notice the word “practice“. This is because the game of SEO is a constantly changing process, with many different variables that are constantly in motion. Almost like insurance rates! Mastering it requires ongoing learning and activity, hence the word practice.

Testing a Large Title

With Google becoming smarter and much more aware of naughty “black hat” strategies, SEO in general is becoming more and more challenging, especially for small businesses that just don’t have the time to grasp it all. Google wants to level the playing field and make you earn traffic — the right way.

Whereas PBN’s (private blog networks; used for generating backlinks in mass) could help you rank a site faster a few years ago, Google has attempted to buckle down on such tactics (although they can still work), and put much more of a priority on it’s own network/platform, in particular when it comes to ranking brick-and-mortar businesses like insurance agencies.

More on that in a moment

Have you heard of Google Panda and Penguin? How about Hummingbird? These are all significant algorithm changes that have been pushed out in the last 5 years or so, that have really made it much harder to “game” their system with a bunch of bogus, low quality backlinks.

Even if you are able to get away with it somehow, the results will are typically short lived at best, and you risk being penalized by Google, something that most agencies don’t have a strong enough domain to recover from.

You want to know what works now in the world of SEO for insurance agencies?

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