how he built a $500MM insurance agency

Spike Lipkin built a $500MM insurance agency…that is not a lifestyle business. He walked into insurance just a few years ago looking to solve the tech, data and connectivity issues that could, honestly, kill us as an industry. If you’re building for the future, this is one you don’t want to miss.

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Who is Spike Lipkin?

Spike Lipkin unleashed his entrepreneurial roots back in 2014 through OpenDoor, one of the first iBuyer business models in real estate. As The Guy who was handed one of the most exciting of projects – insurance, he became keenly aware of how backwards the industry is: manual processes, data moved through PDFs, lack of transparency, the list goes on. As a natural-born problem-solver, this curious Californian dude decided to take on the challenge. Two meaningful startups in less than a decade? Keep an eye on this one.

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