the next generation of IVANS

You don’t bring on a new CEO unless you’re looking to set a new strategic vision. What is that vision? How will they actualize it? And most importantly…why? All questions Reid Holzworth and I wrestle […]

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the tweet that launched 1,000 words

If you’re frustrated with the “Why” of insurtech and/or the current carrier-agent highway, this episode is for you. Get the latest on indie agents’ fight for data ownership: Apple Google Spotify Stitcher Or just yell […]

should agents fear data ownership?

As the b atomic team has pushed our message and mission forward over the last 3 months, we’ve heard both cheers and fears. One of the loudest fears? A hesitancy to embrace data ownership in […]

from scratch to 4 locations

Meet Christopher Cook. 8th of our 14 pilot agencies! He shares what took from his tobacco farm roots to successful owner of a multi-location agency. And why he chose Neon. This is an episode you’ll […]

the man who invented “insurtech”

Frank Sentner is The Guy, meaning the man who invented “insurtech” in the 1980s. Today, he shares how far we haven’t come…and where we need to head as independent agents. Thank you, Frank! Get the […]