the next generation of IVANS

You don’t bring on a new CEO unless you’re looking to set a new strategic vision. What is that vision? How will they actualize it? And most importantly…why? All questions Reid Holzworth and I wrestle […]

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why we started another company

If you’d have asked me a year ago whether we’d be starting not one, but two companies during a world pandemic…..I’d told you that you were crazy! And yet here we are….announcing the start of […]

can you sustain morale in quarantine?

With everyone working from home, it’s easy to become disconnected from your team and feel….alone. Chris Shaffer, COO of Zinc, explains how the work they’ve done over the past 12 months on transparency and connection […]

he has a 7 person data science team

Meet Trevor Baldwin from Baldwin Krystyn Sherman Partners, an independent agency in Tampa, FL. Trevor explains how his internal data science team gives him a competitive edge with clients, helps him run a leaner agency […]

they hired a silicon valley tech guru

After spending 19 years with Intel Corporation, where he led a worldwide team in support of cloud and datacenter customers, Dave Davis left silicon valley. He joined Fudge Insurance, an independent insurance agency in Florida, […]

carriers, this one’s for you

Opening remarks from Clinton Houck, CIO of b atomic, at the very first carrier meeting. 8 carriers and 43 people in attendance to discuss how agents and carriers together can create the future of insurance […]

the big i tech panel, unedited

Syd Roe, Billy Williams and Ron Berg sit down to discuss what tech agents should pay attention to in 2020 during the Big “I” Diversity Summit/Winter Meeting.  Get the latest on indie agents’ fight for […]