carriers, this one’s for you

Opening remarks from Clinton Houck, CIO of b atomic, at the very first carrier meeting. 8 carriers and 43 people in attendance to discuss how agents and carriers together can create the future of insurance technology. 

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Who is Clinton Houck?

I believe that technology, when used properly, enhances the personalized insurance experience, it doesn’t replace it.

My largest failure, early in my career, has shaped my path forward. I believe we can be better as an industry. I have dedicated my career to building a smarter, more efficient and effective insurance experience for consumers.

When owning and operating my first insurance agency, I worked with a family helping them with their auto and home insurance. The mother, of two young children, did not own life insurance. It was my role and responsibility to impress the importance of having life insurance in place. I failed in that. 6 months later, the mother passed away unexpectedly, struck by a distracted driver. No Life insurance.

Since that experience, I have focused on leveraging technology to build a better insurance industry. My goal is that every insurance agency I work with implements the tools, systems, and processes necessary to effectively meet the needs of their clients. I believe we can be better by integrating technology into our business to improve the personalized insurance experience. I am passionate about moving our industry forward and always open for a conversation. 

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