the next generation of IVANS

You don’t bring on a new CEO unless you’re looking to set a new strategic vision. What is that vision? How will they actualize it? And most importantly…why? All questions Reid Holzworth and I wrestle […]

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carriers, this one’s for you

Opening remarks from Clinton Houck, CIO of b atomic, at the very first carrier meeting. 8 carriers and 43 people in attendance to discuss how agents and carriers together can create the future of insurance […]

the big i tech panel, unedited

Syd Roe, Billy Williams and Ron Berg sit down to discuss what tech agents should pay attention to in 2020 during the Big “I” Diversity Summit/Winter Meeting.  Get the latest on indie agents’ fight for […]

the tweet that launched 1,000 words

If you’re frustrated with the “Why” of insurtech and/or the current carrier-agent highway, this episode is for you. Get the latest on indie agents’ fight for data ownership: Apple Google Spotify Stitcher Or just yell […]

should agents fear data ownership?

As the b atomic team has pushed our message and mission forward over the last 3 months, we’ve heard both cheers and fears. One of the loudest fears? A hesitancy to embrace data ownership in […]

from scratch to 4 locations

Meet Christopher Cook. 8th of our 14 pilot agencies! He shares what took from his tobacco farm roots to successful owner of a multi-location agency. And why he chose Neon. This is an episode you’ll […]