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the next generation of IVANS

You don’t bring on a new CEO unless you’re looking to set a new strategic vision. What is that vision? How will they actualize it? And most importantly…why? All questions Reid Holzworth and I wrestle […]

the future of fully integrated insurance marketing

The #1 issue most insurance marketers face today: a disconnected marketing system. They spend so much time being data janitors, their creative time is crushed. But the holy grail of insurance marketing…a fully integrated system…isn’t […]

how he built a $500MM insurance agency

Spike Lipkin built a $500MM insurance agency…that is not a lifestyle business. He walked into insurance just a few years ago looking to solve the tech, data and connectivity issues that could, honestly, kill us […]

how they’re scaling on relationships

Do you give up the relationship to scale? Or do you give up scale for the relationship? The question that faces so many indie agents today. A tough one considering that relationships have been the […]

the next gen insurance “IT guy”

If your “IT guy” is only focused on managing your office hardware, you’ll want to listen to this podcast. Nate Manns, b atomic Salesforce architect, spits some truth on how that role has evolved. For […]