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how they’re scaling on relationships

Do you give up the relationship to scale? Or do you give up scale for the relationship? The question that faces so many indie agents today. A tough one considering that relationships have been the […]

the next gen insurance “IT guy”

If your “IT guy” is only focused on managing your office hardware, you’ll want to listen to this podcast. Nate Manns, b atomic Salesforce architect, spits some truth on how that role has evolved. For […]

the person you don’t have, but need

4 years ago, agencies across the country said they would never hire a “digital marketer.” I’m guessing you’ll listen to this episode and say the same thing about this person….this new role you don’t think […]

why pat west joined b atomic!

Saying “yes” to a startup? A tall order for most. Lucky for us…Pat West, Chicago Bulls fan and lover of all things sneakers, is not most people. Kicking of his insurance career at State Farm…trading […]

the first 365 days b atomic

365 days ago the b atomic team said we would: build 1 platform for indie insurance agent marketing, sales, service & analytics…..a platform that empowered agents to own their own data….collaborate with each other to […]

why we started another company

If you’d have asked me a year ago whether we’d be starting not one, but two companies during a world pandemic…..I’d told you that you were crazy! And yet here we are….announcing the start of […]