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As the b atomic team has pushed our message and mission forward over the last 3 months, we’ve heard both cheers and fears. One of the loudest fears? A hesitancy to embrace data ownership in […]

Meet Christopher Cook. 8th of our 14 pilot agencies! He shares what took from his tobacco farm roots to successful owner of a multi-location agency. And why he chose Neon. This is an episode you’ll […]

Frank Sentner is The Guy, meaning the man who invented “insurtech” in the 1980s. Today, he shares how far we haven’t come…and where we need to head as independent agents. Thank you, Frank! Get the […]

Meet Jeff Roy, 6th out of our incredible 13 neon pilot agencies. Jeff shares his (painful) journey of duct-taping together 50 disparate tech platforms and tools in the name of a world-class customer experience. Here’s […]

the age of indietech

Jason Cass, agency owner since 2002 and host of the leading insurance agent podcast named Agency Intelligence, joins us for a deep dive on the tech landscape for indie agents….and why so many have taken […]

neon V1: what to expect

Clinton Houck, head of product for b atomic, shares why he jumped into the startup world and his game-plan for crafting the first iteration of cutting-edge indie agent tech. Get the latest on indie agents’ […]