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You don’t bring on a new CEO unless you’re looking to set a new strategic vision. What is that vision? How will they actualize it? And most importantly…why? All questions Reid Holzworth and I wrestle […]

The #1 issue most insurance marketers face today: a disconnected marketing system. They spend so much time being data janitors, their creative time is crushed. But the holy grail of insurance marketing…a fully integrated system…isn’t […]

Spike Lipkin built a $500MM insurance agency…that is not a lifestyle business. He walked into insurance just a few years ago looking to solve the tech, data and connectivity issues that could, honestly, kill us […]

Do you give up the relationship to scale? Or do you give up scale for the relationship? The question that faces so many indie agents today. A tough one considering that relationships have been the […]

If your “IT guy” is only focused on managing your office hardware, you’ll want to listen to this podcast. Nate Manns, b atomic Salesforce architect, spits some truth on how that role has evolved. For […]