6 tech roadblocks we must overcome

Meet Jeff Roy, 6th out of our incredible 13 neon pilot agencies. Jeff shares his (painful) journey of duct-taping together 50 disparate tech platforms and tools in the name of a world-class customer experience. Here’s what he learned along the way. 

Get the latest on indie agents’ fight for data ownership:

Who is Jeff Roy?

I am stress relief specialist. I take the worry away that you have when you wonder whether or not your properly covered on your auto, home, business or farm insurance. I am sure you will agree with me the last thing you need to have happen is to submit a claim and find out your not covered. I have a free 15 minute analysis that will show you where the gaps are in your current coverage. You can also download a free copy of my e-book 24 Things You Need To Know to Protect your ASSetts https://www.eigroup.ca/ebook/.

As the CEO of the Excalibur Insurance Group I work with my team to provide a unique protection experience for our clients. At Excalibur the things that get us out of bed every morning have nothing to do with profits or policies – and everything to do with our desire to be ‘champions of people. Whether it’s people who do the heavy lifting to give back to their community, having a teammate’s back or creating a ‘wow’ experience for customers – we measure success by living our core beliefs and going above and beyond to make our client’s day. https://www.excaliburinsurance.ca/driver-applause/non-negotiables/

As A CEO and business owner with four insurance offices and 20 employees I understand small business in Ontario. My experience in marketing, strategy development, customer experience, technology, digital marketing and social media allow me to help improve my clients top line while protecting their assets.

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